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Drainage Issue

So yet again we have been subjected to the horror that is a David Wilson Homes New Build. The downstairs toilet kept backing up and despite several call we were told this was our fault for putting wet wipes down the drain. This is funny as we do not use wet wipes. They did come out and clear the blockage stating that there were no wet wipes and it would not happen again. Several weeks later and it re-blocked. This time I called out Dina rod who at an expense of £100 cleared the drain and stated that it was a design fault which they have put in writing.  I contacted David Wilson Homes who said that John Riley would come out to investigate. They came out and stated that there was a small bend in the pipe meaning that the waste would hit the dip and slow down eventually resulting in a blockage. To resolve the issue, it was decided that they would tunnel under the house from the side and prop up the pipe so the water had a straight run.

A date was set and the guys from John Riley came to start the work. They dug down at the side of the house and removed some of the brickwork to find that the main beams for that house were running that way. This meant that they had to redbrick the wall and fill the hole and attempt from the back of the house. They removed our paving slabs and dug another hole, they then removed more bricks to find that one of the supporting breeze blocks was broken in half and then cemented over. This meat that they had to remove the block and chisel away the cement and refit a new block before going any further. Once this was done they discovered that the space under the house was not big enough for them to crawl under to reach the dip. They would have to dig a trench going to the dip, but they were not happy about this idea as they wouldn’t have much room to manoeuvre under the house and didn’t want to get stuck. The plan was to dig down in the downstairs toilet to get to the bend in the pipe.

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They didn’t fill the hole in straight away instead left a pallet over the massive hole, and left big board on our grass with all the mud on damaging our lawn. We were then contacted by David Wilson homes telling us that they would not be returning do any more work for about 6 weeks. We said that they had to come fill to hole in as this length of time was unacceptable. The hole was filled in within the next couple of days.

We had to go over to the other site to choose new tiles prior to any work starting, we said that we just wanted the same tiles as before as all our bathrooms have the same tiles. We went over and found the tile number of the tiles and emailed it over to David Wilson Homes Customer care and we told them that we had a spare 8 tiles in the garage from a previous repair job on one of the bathroom floors. They said this would be enough. A date was booked in and we were told the work would take a total of 2 days to complete.

The guys arrived to start work and were under the impression that the toilet would be out and they would be able to start straight away, but the customer care man hadn’t even been round yet. Eventually the toilet was removed and they started to remove the floor, they decided that the 8 tiles we had were not enough and the customer care guy said I need to go over and choose some new tiles. I said no, as this had already been done and I wanted the same as we have in the other bathrooms. The guy went away and came back with a tile board which had the same tile number as the one emailed previously.

After they had dug the hole and fixed the bend in the pipe they found another deign issue that they wanted to address to ensure that we didn’t get any more blockages this was the length of the connector from the pipe to the toilet. They had to remove part of the pipe and change the angle so that it flowed to give it more of a straight run.

Day 2 of the work and the guys put the camera along the drains to check on their work; all seemed ok. so they started to put the flooring back in the bathroom, re cemented it all. This had to be left to dry before any more work could be done.

Day 3 the guys came back to fill the hole in out the back and repair they brickwork that they had removed. They checked on the cement in the toilet and left. We then had to wait the weekend for any more work to be done. The smell was horrible, it smelt damp and stale.

On the Monday I was expecting the workmen to come back but no one had shown and then at 12 we called and they said that someone would be out on Wednesday. The tiler came on Wednesday and did the latex floor. He moved the toilet to the garden where it has been left.


The house has now been left with a strong chemical smell and no one will be coming for a week to do the tiles and then it’s another week before the toilet will be reconnected. The paintwork has been damaged inside the toilet room and the hallway along with the skirting board and the sink tiles. No offer to reimburse the call out from Dina rod or an apology as it was a design issue. Funny two days’ work.

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