Profits First, Quality Second

Leak 3 Roof

So yet again the day before Christmas and the water is pouring into our home. Emergency response refuses to attend. You have carried out repairs and we have had the inconvenience of scaffolding and noise for two weeks. You did. However, finally admit It was a fault with the tray and flashing as I stated over a year ago. This should have been resolved a year ago following the building report I provided and in my opinion this is negligence. I believe that DWH was trying to cut costs and simply avoid the issue. During leak 2 they glued the board back up so this time it fell straight out of the ceiling; if my two year old had been playing beneath it she could have been killed. The Scaffold also scratched one of the double doors at the rear of the property that still needs addressing and the painters painted over our £60 curtain rail rather than taking it down during the repair of leak two.