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Boiler Issues

When we moved into the property we were told by our Site Manager Tom that the boiler needed to be serviced as it had not been done since June 2011. Tom said that it should have been serviced prior to our moving in. Tom said he had arranged for someone to come and service the boiler. K Armstrong arrived to service the boiler on the 16/08/2012, he dismantled the downstairs boiler and put it back together; this took around five minutes. At no point did Mr. Armstrong examine the boiler tank located in the upper bedroom. On completion, he signed our service book as KA WATTS heating and plumbing LTD. He said that he had found a piece of plastic in our utility cupboard and thought that it was from our washing machine. I explained that it was not and that it was from the boiler. Mr. Armstrong disagreed and left taking the plastic with him. Later that day when I tried to use the hot water and found it was not working. Tom and Phil came round to check the work and I explained my concerns, they assured me that Mr. Armstrong would not have left out a piece of equipment.  I contacted KA Watts, who said they were unaware of the service and that it was not one of their representatives who had been sent. The following day a representative from KA Watts arrived and upon examination of the boiler found that the air intake valve was missing (a round plastic disk). The representative advised that the service had not been carried out by them and was not a complete service and that this needed to be redone. I contacted DWH and explained that this needed to be re booked by someone professional. After speaking with Tom I discovered that Mr. Armstrong was one of the DWH contractors who had visited and this should not have happened.

About two weeks later the boiler started making extreme noise and banging sounds late at night around 11pm. The noise scared my daughter who was eight months at the time and was sleeping in her nursery which has the boiler cupboard in. I contacted the emergency number to be told that I would be contacted. Two hours later I received a call from the emergency contractor who would not come out until the morning. When he arrived, he said the pressure had dropped and the noise was from the pipes. He showed us how to increase the pleasure and left.  The next week the pressure dropped again and despite increasing it kept dropping. We carried out a check of the pipes and located a leak behind the radiator. We contacted DWH who sent out an emergency plumber. The plumber confirms that there was a leak behind the radiator caused by a screw piercing the pipe. This happened when DWH installed the radiators during construction. Pressure has been ok since. However the plumber had to cut a hole in the wall and this took a further two weeks to fix. No repair work was carried out on the skirting board for another 8 weeks.

The service to the boiler was completed on the 18/10/12 two months and 15 days after legal completion. The noise and the fact that my daughter became distressed are unacceptable. We are not familiar with a gas boiler and genuinely did not know if we were safe in the house. The emergency contractor did not want to come out due to the time of night and we were left feeling uncertain and deeply concerned. We moved our daughter out of the room as we felt it was unsafe; leading to an unsettled night.