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Creaking Floor

This is one of our biggest issue the lounge floor, located on the first floor is when walked upon caused unacceptable noise below in the family room due to creaking. Following several examinations by Tom and other representatives from DWH they decided to screen down the boards. The room had to be emptied and the carpet lifted. Chris the DWH carpenter came out to screw down the floor and once he had finished the problem remained. It took two days to get the carpet re-laid and it has still not been fitted correctly.

DWH decided that the boards needed screwing from the bottom up and sent another representative round. When he arrived, I explained the situation and he said that it was not going to fix the situation. I asked him to leave as I did not want the work carried out if it was not going to fix the situation.  I then had several discussions with Andy Kirkpatrick, who insisted that screwing up from underneath would resolve the problem. However, after Barry Anslow he suggested that this was a familiar problem that would require a support bar fitted to resolve the issue.

Several weeks later Tom came round to inform me that he would be carrying out the repair work on the ceiling starting on the 29th of October 2012 almost three months after it was reported. We arranged childcare as we did not want our daughter in the house with the disruption it was scheduled for half term week which meant that I was home from work. My wife also booked annual leave. On the morning of the 29th we got up an hour early in order to feed our daughter prior to the kitchen being out of action. At 8am the builders had not arrived as scheduled. I contacted DWH customer service and they said they would contact Tom. At 8:25am Tom knocked the door to say he was not happy with the contractor that had turned up and that he would need to arrange someone else. To say we were annoyed was an understatement. Tom did explain that the contractor was not suitable and that it would upset me more if he let him start the work. I appreciated this honesty. However, we had made arrangements for childcare. Tom returned later that day to keep me informed of progress. However, on the morning of the 30th he came round to say that he could not get anyone to start the work until the 31st and that it would be a two day job.  I explained that I am being admitted to hospital on the 1st November 2012 and that this was not really acceptable. However, we have been left with no choice but to reasonably allow this. The ceiling was taken down and replace in a day. It took a further four days to plaster and paint. In the process our worktop and floor have been damaged again…. Although the floor is now fixed and does not creak the upstairs floor has started to do the same thing. We find the incompetence and care of DWH’s representatives astounding and if you follow your thoughts through to completion, you would realise that building a house correctly to start with would be more financially viable.

We have now had to undergo the stress of having the lounge floor repaired in the same fashion with no apology or compensation for the inconvenience.