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Leak in Family Room Roof Leak 1

Complaint logged as follows:

“On the morning of the 22nd December 2012 our daughter Lily had been hit on the head with a lump of plaster that had fallen out of the ceiling and there was water coming into the house. She had a small bump on her head, but seemed ok. My husband spent most of the morning trying to get someone on the phone he was upset, as he could not get through to anyone. He finally got through to the contact centre and they said they would send round a builder. The builder came round and said he could not fix it and that it was caused by the bricks and the tray. He told us to use the buckets provided and hope it didn’t rain too much.  My husband phoned several more times asking to speak to representative 1 or site manager or anyone who could help.

He walked round to the sales office and was told that the site manager was on holiday.

At around 4pm representative 1 and the salesman Steve came round. My husband opened the door and said “I am not happy, ” he invited them inside and showed them the mess. He asked me to move Lily out of the way so I went and sat on the stairs.  I could hear them discussing the situation. representative 1 was talking to my husband very rudely given the situation. They went outside and I heard representative 1 say something about it being our fault. My husband was explaining that he had been told by the neighbours that this had happened prior to us moving in. representative 1 said this was just “hear say”. I could hear representative 1 and my husband become louder and I heard representative 1 say that he was going to call my Husbands school as he claimed my husband had his phone number from the school system where he works. Aaron told him that he had not, nor would he do that. representative 1 became very loud and heated. My husband asked him to leave. I told Aaron to call the police as he was very shaken by the incident. representative 1 has in the past been rude and I know that we have raised this in a letter to the site manager.   representative 1 said that it was our fault that the roof had flooded as the sky dish had caused the problem. After speaking to the neighbours, they said that prior to us moving in they had reported the fact that our ceiling had water damaged that they had seen through the back window and that they had  the same issues and their dish was not to blame. How can it have been the dish if it had happened prior to us putting it up and is not an isolated incident?  I feel very upset at how we are being treated over the multiple issues that we have been faced with.  We have had to cancel our daughter’s first birthday party due to the damage and my husband is very distressed and upset that representative 1 would threaten his teaching career over a mis communication. We are distressed that a representative from DWH could be so aggressive and unhelpful. I am a little bit intimidated by the situation and hope that you can please help us, as this whole new build experience has been a nightmare. What should have been our first Christmas in our new home with our new baby has been ruined.”

We suffered personal expense having to seek independent building advice to prove that the dish had not been the issue. The complaint we placed was investigated by the individual we were complaining about which is a conflict of interests.

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