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Drainage Issue

So yet again we have been subjected to the horror that is a David Wilson Homes New Build. The downstairs…

Leak 3 Roof

So yet again the day before Christmas and the water is pouring into our home. Emergency response refuses to attend….

Boiler Issues

When we moved into the property we were told by our Site Manager Tom that the boiler needed to be…

Roof Update

During the summer the leak in the downstairs family room reappeared, you simply repaired the internal damage and sealed the…

Creaking Floor
2012-11-02 15.30.13_compressed_davidwilsonhomes

This is one of our biggest issue the lounge floor, located on the first floor is when walked upon caused…

Plasterboard Moved
2016-02-15 13.55.38

So walking up the stairs and notice a shift in the wall. Had to have DWH come out to fix…

More Work Yet Again

So again we have had to have work carried out on the family room roof as it kept cracking. More…